Ghana grows some of the best quality cocoa in the world. Cocoa exporters Ghana that are attract a substantial quality premium compared with cocoa from other countries which contributes to the high revenue in Ghana. Ghana’s supplier of premium quality cocoa is due to the strict production quality measures that are imposed and observed.

To have the best cocoa one needs check the quality of cocoa beans. The quality of cocoa beans produced and exported depends on the actions and interactions of all the actors in the cocoa sector. The best high quality beans are found from unprocessed raw cocoa beans.

The advantages of using high quality cocoa beans are:

  1. High Quality cocoa beans have the best nutritional value this is due to its high content of fat, protein and carbohydrates, cocoa can both boosts specific immune cells and help modulate immune function.
  2. Raw organic cocoa beans are grounded into powder forms and due to its high fiber it helps facilitate the excretion and detoxification of environmental contaminants from the body. Helping to clean our blood.
  3. It is important to maintain the quality of cocoa beans even during the production and exporting period in order not destroys all the nutrients contained in the cocoa beans.
  4. Ghana’s raw cocoa beans are of high quality this is because they do not do not contain pesticides and herbicides residues because they are grown organically.
  5. Having high quality cocoa beans boost Ghana’s economy since there is high demand for quality cocoa beans from other countries.
  6. High quality beans provide the best cocoa flavor in chocolate. The beans are fully ripened and correctly fermented cocoa beans are thus of a brown to dark red color and have a very fragile kernel with a pure, bitter flavor, which is important to companies who produce chocolate
  7. Better quality beans are de-shelled before pressing to produce pure pressed cocoa butter and cocoa press cake which ultimately becomes cocoa powder.
  8. High quality cocoa beans reduce the volume of the low quality hence reducing wastage of cocoa beans in the farms which are considered to be of low quality and bought at a very low price.


Cocoa exporters Ghana only export premium quality cocoa beans. Farmers are encouraged to work on improving the quality of cocoa beans hence the volume of the high quality beans increase bringing in more benefits to the country and the farmers as well.

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