Why is modular construction becoming popular?

Why is modular construction becoming popular?

Do you know why modular construction gaining popularity?

Most people have heard about building and construction technology. The have also heard about the innovations but are unable to choose the best technology to adopt while planning to come up with a building. The popularity of modular construction has increased in the recent past due to the speed of construction as compared to other conventional methods of constructing buildings.

The concept of modularity is implemented by having factory-produced or pre-engineered building parts, which are delivered to the site. These units are assembled thus forming a large building. The units may be produced in the form of complete rooms or parts of rooms. Additionally, some factories manufacture these units as highly serviced units such as lifts or toilets. Therefore, the popularity of this approach is due to the benefits associated with modular buildings.

1. Variety of building projects

Currently, construction companies in Ghana are implementing modular construction in order to come up with private houses, social houses, as well as apartments and mixed use buildings. In other parts around the world, the concept of modularity has been used in order to reduce the costs associated with public sector construction.

For example, this idea has been used in order to provide solutions for worker accommodation, health sector buildings, and hotels as well as sheltered housing. The wide scope of application has also earned modular construction its popularity since it is inexpensive.

2. Low waste

Modular buildings have also gained popularity due to the low waste associated with this approach of constructing buildings. The reduction of waste is achieved at the manufacturer level since manufactures are able to record the exact quantity, which is needed for specific units.

Therefore, the right amount of materials is used during the production of pre-engineered parts. As such, all the materials are produced with the right precision in order to maximize on the materials and reduce on wastage. Flexibility is also a unique factor about these types of modular buildings since one can continually add more units onto modular buildings as compared to the conventional buildings.

3. Popularity in Ghana

More specifically, modular construction has gained popularity in Ghana due to the aspect of environmental friendliness as well as the applicability in remote locations. Construction companies in Ghana are now focusing on environmentally friendly construction processes.

Since this type of construction process reduces waste, there is very little environmental degradation. Additionally, modular buildings generate less waste. On the same note, its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is now easy to construct buildings in remote locations since it only requires the transportation of the different pre-engineered parts from the factory to the site.

4. The future of construction

Indeed, it is imperative to make considerations about the future of constructing buildings since we have a responsibility to safeguard the environment and protect it for the future generations. Such building technologies provide an alternative to the traditional construction approaches thus providing a variety of choices for anyone who wants to build a home or shelter.

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