Our Early Years

             Customer Service is in Our DNA

Asanduff Group of Companies started as a single company founded by the late John Gyarko Asante and his wife Hannah Dufie Asante in 1990. Originally known as Asanduff Ent. Ltd. (Blocks Factory and Building Construction Company), this successful block manufacturing business, was built on a solid foundation of product quality, industry expertise, innovative technology, same day delivery, and exceptional customer service at all times. These founding values continue to drive every one of our companies.

The company thrieved under the Asantes’ leadership for over twenty years until John Gyarko Asante passed away unexpectedly in August 2013. His daughter, Emelia Anima Asante, and son-in-law, Ebenezer Kumi Asante vowed to continue his legacy, taking the company to new heights while remaining true to its heritage. They changed the name Asanduff Enterprises Limited (Asanduff is a blend of the two founders’ names) and converted the company to a group of companies that now includes: Asanduff Blocks Factory; Asanduff Construction; Asanduff Trucking, Hauling, and Equipment Rental Services; E and E Management, Consulting and Business Services; Gyarko Farms; and Royal Depot.

Ebenezer Kumi Asante and Emelia Anima Asante bring extensive business experience to the company. The younger Asantes had previously built their company, BestCare Home Care, Inc., in Virginia, USA. They started in 2005 with a driving desire to make a difference in the home health care industry. Ebenezer served as President and CEO while Emelia served as Vice President, Director of Client Services, and Marketing. Under their leadership BestCare Home Care became one of the largest and most respected and successful home health care agencies. In April 2014, Five Points Health Care in Atlanta, Georgia USA purchased BestCare Home Care Inc.

Present Day

Blending the two founders’ names, the company was rebranded “Asanduff” and converted into a group of companies that now includes:

  • Asanduff Construction
  • E and E Management, Consulting and Business Services
  • Gyarko Farms
  • Royal Depot


Today, Asanduff Group of Companies continues its evolution with a focus on helping build the finest structures, products, services, and businesses, one block at a time. Each of the companies in the Asanduff family has its place in our mission from building actual blocks and buildings to providing building supplies, trucking services, high quality cocoa beans, and business and marketing services.

We have also expanded our service area to support international customers and transactions. Our business, consulting, and property management services are available to customers around the world.

A few words from the CEO

Ebenezer Kumi Asante

President & CEO

I invite you to visit any one of our companies or stop by one of our offices to meet members of the Asanduff family. You will find a welcoming environment filled with friendly, knowledgeable professionals — all committed to helping to make a difference.

Our priorities are intertwined: people, planet, and production. We know that if we act responsibly in each of these categories, we are helping to make the world a better place.

Strategic Planner


Welcome to Asanduff Group of Companies, a group of companies committed to building the finest structures, products, services, and businesses, one block at a time. Each of our companies has a role to play from blocks manufacturing, construction, and hauling to building materials sales, cocoa production, and business consulting.

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  • Great products, quality work from the high knowledgeable builders, better professional advice about my project, every trusted team, they did whatever they promised to do and even went above and beyond to deliver a nice house.

    Richard Anane
    Amsterdam – Holland
  • My experince buying blocks from Asanduff Ent Ltd dates back for a period of 6 years with is the period the I used for building my house, and each time was a great experince, the quality of the products were just great and also backed with good customer service.

    Paul Agyemang
  • My experience with Asanduff is in the area of buying of blocks from them, also they are the company building my house both experience was just wonderful. Their products and work stands out.

    John Opoku